20 March 2017

Senza Zucchero per Sei Settimane

I'm putting this out there for everyone (not that many people read this but...) to see that I'm going on a sugar vacation (meaning, a vacation from sugar) for 6 weeks.  I've done this before. I call it giving up sugar for lent even though I don't know when lent is or even really what it is and I really don't care.  People seem to get the concept of giving something up for lent so it's easier to explain that way. But I've usually only done it for 30 days.  So this one will be the longest I've done.  Fruit is allowed.  I'm talking processed sugar (chocolate, cookies, ice cream (gelato)...).

YES, yes I have!

Truthfully, I've just been way over-consuming sugar lately and it needs to stop.  I know I'll feel better once I'm off the sweet stuff.  After a few days the cravings will start to go away. Hopefully I'll have more energy and feel less tired.  I'm also hoping the lack of sugar will help ease some of the inflammation that causes much of my back pain. 

I picked 6 weeks because that's how long until my parents arrive. Not that their arrival is an excuse to go back to eating too many sweets.  It was just a convenient date on the calendar.

Wish me luck.  I live in the land of gelato and I LOVE me some dark chocolate. 

Have you given up sugar?  Any tips?

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