20 September 2016

Eat What You Want Day

Sometimes you want cookies or ice cream or chocolate or all of the above.  I've seen random things declaring this or that day as Eat What You Want Day.  Well, I recently participated in Eat What You Want Month-and-a-Half.  I did this with full knowledge and acknowledgement of what I was doing.  By the way, the new vegan Ben & Jerry's is pretty good :D  I can't say exactly why I turned to junk food for comfort but I made an effort to not beat myself up over it.  I'd like to eventually figure this out and hopefully find a better way to deal with emotions but for now it's a step to recognize what I'm doing and to treat myself kindly instead of negatively. Thinking of myself as a fat slug that lacks willpower is really not constructive and it was great to not feel that way about myself this time.

A couple weeks ago I realized I no longer wanted to eat an entire package of cookies. Of course, I know that eating an entire package of cookies will leave me feeling very  much not well.  But that sometimes isn't enough to stop me from doing that.  I was however surprised at how quickly I felt better after I stopped eating all the junk. 

I get out of bed much more easily.  I have more energy. I'm not as tired throughout the day.  I have more motivation for things like housework (let's be honest, I rarely ever have actual motivation for housework but these few weeks I've been able to get more done).  I don't feel constantly hungry even though I'm eating much less.  My mood is better. So many positive things gained simply by cutting out the crap.

I'm sure I'll enter more phases of soothing myself with food but I consider this last episode to be an improvement over previous ones just because I stopped hating myself. It works.  You should try it!

Do you ever go through phases of eating whatever you want? How do you deal with that?

10 September 2016

Eat Turmeric, They Said

It is good for you, they said.

Turmeric is what makes yellow mustard, yellow.  It is an anti-inflammatory.  So I've been adding it to soups and stews and seasoning potatoes and using it as one of the seasonings on my roasted chickpeas.  What they don't tell you is...

Your fingers will look like you're a smoker

I try to use only three fingers which probably makes it look more like I'm a smoker.

You'll leave yellow fingerprints on whatever you're working on.

The top edge of your pocket will end up yellow as well.

Basically, anything you touch will be yellow.  Don't try wearing white! I'm not going to stop eating turmeric but this is a side effect I hadn't thought about.

Do you have any healthy habits with surprise side effects?