23 July 2016

Silencing the "If Only" - Start a Revolution

How many times have I/you thought, "I'd wear those shorts if I had shapely legs like her," or "I'd take that class at the gym if I was in better shape," or "Oh, she should not be wearing that?"

The pressure these days to have the perfect body...the perfect kids...the perfect life...everything is seen through an Instagram filter or benefits from photoshop. Full disclosure: I don't have/do/use Instagram nor do I usually post pictures of myself on social media but I see social media posts and wonder how people can be so perfect.  The answer is, they're not.  Of course they're not.  So why do we feel like we have to live up to this unreal/unrealistic standard?  Why do these obviously-altered pictures make us feel inadequate?

The amazing Angie at Angie Eats Peace is doing a series of posts about the wonderful spectrum of different people who do yoga.  She asked me to participate.  This included sending her a picture.  I took about 47 and hated them all.  The irony of the fact that I'm wearing a shirt that says, "Feel Beautiful Today," is not lost on me! I took another 90 or so and deleted every one of them.  I have body image issues.

I'm tired of being constantly unhappy with how I look and tired of hearing non-stop negative comments about people's appearance.  Enough already!  When someone posts a picture of themselves and gets comments saying, "If you're over 200 lbs you shouldn't wear a bikini," I want to cry for her and I want to punch the commenter in the face. We, as a society, need to Break the Self-Hatred Cycle for Our Daughters (and our sons). 


Seeing this picture my first thought was, "If I had a flat belly like that I might consider posting a picture."  So, very quickly (otherwise I'd spend a whole day and end up with nothing I felt was good enough) and without even bothering to clean the mirror that's usually behind a shelf (I don't spend a lot of time looking at myself in the mirror!), I just took this picture....curvy belly and all.  I actually have pretty tight ab muscles but you can't see them because, as my Gran says, I'm fluffy. 

It is really not easy to put it up on the interwebs but I'm not going to apologize for not having a magazine-cover body.  I'm going to seriously work on being less judgmental about myself and other people.   The messages we're sending to young girls and boys these days are terrifying.  I can talk a good game about body positivity. It's time to start living it.  It starts now!

If you're so inclined, post your own picture and send me a link (feel free to link back to this post, too). Let's start a revolution!

03 May 2016

Skin Deep

I was in the restroom at work this morning.  A coworker was applying makeup with the aid of one of the above-sink mirrors.  "Don't judge," she said.  I wasn't sure what I was supposed to be not judging.  She explained that she had had to throw out all her makeup over the weekend and so she bought new stuff on the way to work and hadn't had time to apply it before getting there.  I later heard her explain the same thing to another coworker.  They discussed how sometimes on the weekend they might only wear eyeliner and mascara but only if not leaving the house.

I rarely wear any makeup. Not because I'm am super confident about my appearance but because I prefer not to gunk up my skin and mostly because I'm not willing to take the time for it. I never wear mascara as it makes my eyes water so much it looks like I've been crying.  I'm sure there are a lot of women out there who do not leave the house without makeup and who wear a "minimum" amount even if they aren't going any where.  I have a cousin who had eyeliner tattooed on so that she never had to worry about it again.  This makes me incredibly sad...that so many women feel they cannot be seen without covering up and embellishing their faces.  I see women in the gym every day who are far more made up than I would ever be and they're presumably there to sweat (but still won't be seen without mascara)!

I know this is largely a societal pressure that women have taken on and I know it isn't going anywhere but I still wonder if there's anything I can do to change it in any way.  I love the Post Secret blog.  If you're not familiar with it, people mail (yes, using the post office kind of mail) their secrets on post cards to a man in MD.  He posts some of them every Sunday.  This one was posted recently.

I have so many feelings about this...far too many to unpack in one post.

What are we doing to our girls? Why are we doing this? How do you feel about makeup?

26 April 2016

Are You Healthy?

According to this article, you are most likely NOT living a healthy lifestyle.  I'm not sure if there is other research out there that agrees with this but talk about depressing!! 

If we are to believe this article, a depressing 2.7 percent of Americans live a healthy lifestyle. There are 4 criteria on which this is based.  Higher percentages of folks meet one or more of the criteria (37 percent meet 2 or more) but more than 11 percent meet NONE of the criteria. 

What did you think about the results? How do you fare? What can we do to improve these numbers?

30 March 2016


While this isn't exactly about me is could pretty much be about me.  I had never heard of this but I understand it oh so well! I am sure that one day someone will figure out that I have absolutely no idea what I am doing!


20 March 2016

Oh So True

Just a little humor that is So. Very. True!  All images from HERE. Enjoy!

I realize the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive but sometimes it feels like they are.

Most of my waking thoughts revolve around what I get to eat next, when I get to eat it and how much of it I get to eat!
Like I said!


That would be the definition of a smart phone!  If that happens I might consider getting one.

12 March 2016

Plan vs Reality

Me - On a Daily Basis (especially since I mostly shower in the evening after I teach at the gym and then sleep on semi-wet hair...there's no telling what it will look like when I wake up and I generally have a Don't Ask Don't Tell relationship with my hair...I don't ask it to behave and I don't tell it what to do!).

I plan my weekly menu, prepare everything on the weekend and have it all ready to go before I go to bed on Sunday night.  My meals are balanced and structured to provide the calories, protein, fat and carbs that I need without going overboard.  However, that doesn't always mean all goes according to plan!

This past week was crazy at work and my eating plan resembled my hair plan. I don't think I got to eat my lunch at lunch time any day and 3 days I didn't get to eat my lunch until I got home from work!  Wednesday I didn't get to eat my breakfast until lunch time (although that was partly because a coworker kidnapped it and then held it hostage (He didn't mean to do this but thought it funny when he found out and went so far as to take a picture of my breakfast and send it to me...I may or may not have locked up his lunch in my desk as retaliation.  I have an inner hungry person and her name is Tyranny...she is not a nice person!).  I posted my WIAW on Tuesday evening because I KNEW what I was going to eat. It did not go that way!

Yesterday, after getting home once again without having had my lunch I slapped some PB on toast because I had to take the dog to an acupuncture appt. and didn't have time for anything more.  I leashed her up, opened the hatchback of the car, put down my water bottle and keys, stuck the sandwich in my mouth and picked her up to put her in the car.  I set her down and she promptly grabbed the sandwich out of my mouth.  I guess she thought I had brought her a snack. 

So this was my week.  I felt like one of those pinterest fails I've seen (I don't have (do...what is the correct verb?) pinterest but I've seen the funny pictures of attempts that fell far short of expectation). I will now plan my menu for next week and write up my shopping list, put chickpeas to soak and try to clear my mind of the stress of the week.

How did your week go?  Did you stick to your plan? What do you do when your best-laid plans get hit by a bus or snatched out of you face by your dog?

08 March 2016

What I Ate Wednesday - Vegan String Cheese

Last WIAW I talked about my search for a vegan goat cheese.  I'm still searching. I've tried a couple things out there but

1. they weren't that good and
2. they were very expensive (and I was buying local, organic, fancy goat cheese which was not cheap).

So I'm still not particularly enjoying my salads (they just lack something that the goat cheese provided and if I can figure out what it is I'd be really happy.  It doesn't necessarily need to be a cheese substitute...just something to give my salads what they are now missing.

I also talked about my 10 o'clock string cheese.  You could almost set your watch to it.  I've long wanted to find a substitute for this snack because of all the plastic involved.  I looked into making my own (not vegan but at least getting rid of the packaging) but don't remember finding a recipe that I wanted to try.  Last week I decided to try roasted chickpeas instead of string cheese. I've had roasted chickpeas before but I didn't know if they would be satiating enough.  I'm happy to say they are!  And if you make them yourself (I buy my chickpeas from the bulk bin so no packaging and much cheaper than buying canned) they're a very cheap snack (if you buy roasted chickpeas they're crazy expensive compared to the cost of making your own). There is some effort involved (more than opening a string cheese and more if you use dry vs. canned chickpeas) but it's worth it for such a yummy snack that is super healthy and vegan!

Last week I made them with turmeric, rosemary and cayenne. This week I tried turmeric and garlic salt.  I liked last week's better but I'm looking forward to trying lots of varieties!  I found my new string cheese!

So, my menu this week:

Breakfast (in addition to my handful of almonds on the way to work) is baked oatmeal.  I use soy milk (although I really want to find a vegan option that comes in packing that is at least recyclable so for the time being I've decided to stop buying soy milk...I'll be in trouble come next week!) and I mixed in 2 scoops of Plant Fusion protein powder and some chopped up granny smith apples.  I can provide the recipe if anyone is interested.  It is very filling and can be eaten hot or cold.
These two love apples and are never far when I cut into one. I don't mind sharing :)

Hard to get a still shot when a dog is very interested in what you have! 

10 O'clock Snack Roasted chick peas!!! I start with 1 cup of dry beans and that makes snack for 5 days.

Lunch Same salad as always with a soup containing carrots, sweet potatoes, white beans and spinach. 

This boy loves carrots and is always waiting for a piece to go flying off the cutting board!  The girl is not a fan of carrots. However...
She loves sweet potato and hangs out to see if she's going to get any (of course she's going to get some!!)

Pre-Gym Snack Banana (I teach on Wednesdays (and Tuesdays and Thursdays and sometimes Mondays) and need a snack to hold me over. Even with that I'm sometimes ready to gnaw off my own arm on my way home from the gym which is why it is vitally important to have dinner already made and requiring no more than a couple minutes to heat or else I will start shoving anything remotely edible into my face!)

Dinner What I call "Sushi Roll in a Bowl." I love to cook and don't mind things that are rather involved but sushi rolls...I'm not making those at home. However, the contents of a sushi roll (brown rice (I use germinated brown rice...read about it here http://www.naturalnews.com/031148_brown_rice_nutrition.html#) carrots, cucumber, avocado, pickled ginger, wasabi) can be thrown together in a bowl and eaten with a spoon. I add some baked tofu for protein. I soaked the carrots and cucumber in rice vinegar. I add the wasabi to some soy sauce, mix it up and use it as a dressing.  This bowl is seriously delicious!  So delicious that I can't stop eating it long enough to take a picture :D

So, I've found a vegan substitute for string cheese.  Still need something in my salad to replace goat cheese. Looking for a plant-based milk (preferably high in protein unlike almond milk (which I do like and can find in a recyclable container)) that doesn't come in a tetra-pak that isn't recyclable. 

What did you eat today?  Have any suggestions for a salad addition or milk substitute?